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“As first time dog owners, we were everything from excited to terrified.  We picked up Ginger (British Fox Red Lab) at 8 weeks, she was unquestionably the cutest thing we had ever seen!  We learned of The Smiling Dog’s services through a neighbor who had great things to say about their experience.  That and the idea of the trainer coming to us and offering personal hands-on training was what really sealed the deal for us.  We wanted Ginger to have personal attention and not get caught up with the distraction of other people and dogs.  That is exactly what we got, concentrated training sessions that were hands on.  Also, and maybe more importantly, she gave us the owners our very own personal training sessions.  Lori focused on what we were concerned about, there wasn’t a generic schedule that she used.  This was great because not all dogs are at the same starting point, and all houses are different.  That being said, her experience really helped us understand where Ginger  was in her maturity level, offered suggestions about what problem areas she saw, and also offered insight and praise on what Ginger’s strengths were.  Lori really helped put us at ease with the overwhelming task of training our very excited lab.  We had both indoor and outdoor sessions so Ginger could get acclimated to all of her home surroundings.  The Smiling Dog’s services accommodated to our needs, gave excellent training services, and was very helpful with recommendations for continued training.  I would highly recommend The Smiling Dog to anyone, and will definitely be a return customer.”


David & Jacquelynn

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